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Fredericksburg Garage Door

You must keep your garage door working perfectly to ensure the security of your home and your family. Malfunctioning doors can attract burglars and even cause accidents, not to mention major inconvenience. Call our expert Fredericksburg garage door technicians at (540) 216-0981 at the first sign of a problem, or if you need assistance ASAP.  

You have probably read on the newspaper some obscure news about deaths due to garage doors. They are not fake—in fact, they are very real, and they show that garage doors have their dangers. If your Fredericksburg garage door isn’t working right or makes a lot of noise, have it checked immediately. A malfunctioning garage door can be more than just a hassle—it can also cause injuries. A professional can diagnose it and determine if it needs replacement or repair. Here are a few things your garage door needs to work properly:
Lubrication. If your garage door is squeaking when it opens and closes, then it probably needs a bit of oil in its chains.
Track cleaning. The garage door track needs to be cleaned properly. Never spray it with lubricant; that will just make it harder to clean out trapped particles.
Weather seals. The weather can be harsh and your garage door might not be weather-proof. Invest in weather seals and save a bundle.
Door opener reset. Before you throw away the garage door remote, take time to reset it. Better yet, contact a professional to do it for you.
For all your Fredericksburg garage door needs, contact Garage Door Fredericksburg VA. We offer everything from maintenance and repair to replacement and installation. For inquiries, just fill up our online form or you can call Garage Door Fredericksburg VA at (540)216-0981.
Fredericksburg Garage Door

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